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All the benefits of 
Lowline Angus - in red!
More efficient size - Very feed efficient, perfect for grass-fed operations. Great for small or large acreage production.

Docile, easy handling - Easy on fencing and equipment. Ideal breed for for FFA and 4H projects.

Easy calving - Smaller calf size means most births do not require assistance.

Great mothers - Lowline cows are known for their strong mothering ability and milk capacity.

Feed efficient - More feed efficient and able to thrive on a quality grass-fed diet. Small size means higher stocking rates per acre.

Quality beef - Lowlines are known for the taste, texture, and marbling of the meat, with larger ribeye per carcass weight.
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Lazy G Red by Design "Rudy (FM7126) Photo Courtesy of Lazy G Lowlines.
Lowline Angus, Red is the New Black (c) 
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